Brown Girl Surf – Yoots
Brown Girl Surf

Our Partnership Goal

A vibrant, environmentally concerned, artistic and extraordinarily energetic group, Brown Girl Surf is all about access, community and giving girls of color a powerful voice. Yoots hopes to expand their reach by extending their ability to help girls get to the ocean. Our plan for 2017 is to partner with City Surf Project and help get the kids to the waves from Oakland to Half Moon Bay throughout the summer months.

Yoots goal: 24 rides for 20-30 kids and staff to and from the beach this summer.

Their Mission

Brown Girl Surf works to build a more diverse, environmentally reverent, and joyful women’s surf culture by increasing access to surfing, cultivating community, amplifying the voices of women of color surfers, and taking care of the earth.

Their Values

Brown Girl Surf's values are expressed in their WoManifesto:

PLAY - We play to be free, connected, and rejuvenated.

COMMUNITY - We are a community that takes care of each other by keeping each other safe, encouraging each other, and including everyone.

GIRLS EMPOWERMENT - We are strong in our bodies and our minds, and invent ourselves in our own images.

ENVIRONMENT - We care for and respect the ocean and land. We show gratitude for the gifts of nature.

EXPRESSION THROUGH ARTS - We use art to celebrate ourselves and our community

GRATITUDE - We practice gratitude to heal and find peace.