Free Field Trips on BART

The Youth Transportation Organization has partnered with the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) with the goal of creating an ongoing fund to provide free field trips on BART to SF Bay Area students.

This program will provide a one-stop-shop for teachers for free and easy transportation, and to discover appropriate field trip destinations that will enhance their classroom curriculum and student experience.

Past field trip programs on BART have been extremely popular and sold-out within a few weeks. Through the BART partnership with Yoots and grant-funding, it is intended that this program be a sustained, ongoing initiative for eligible schools, students and teachers throughout the year – year after year!

This highly-visible program will provide a much-needed assistance to resource-constrained teachers and is currently seeking sponsors. If you or your company would like to provide funding for free field trips on BART or to learn more about program details, please contact us at

If your organization is a field trip destination and would like to be included in our directory, please fill out the form below.. It does not matter if your venue is close to a BART station, this directory is open to Northern California destinations with appropriate programming/venue.