MOCHA – Yoots
Museum of Children's Arts (MOCHA)

Yoots Partnership Goal

Yoots is working with MOCHA to provide daily transportation to pick up kids from nearby schools to bring them to MOCHA’s programs, both during and after school hours. We then provide rides back to school.

For 30 years the Museum of Children’s Art  has been the key to keeping art classes from disappearing from the inner city of Oakland. Despite the many free or almost free classes and overwhelming support of the community, there are still a lot of local schools that just can’t get their kids from school to downtown Oakland.

Requested of Yoots: 2 rides/week for a full classroom of students, throughout the school year.

Their Mission

The mission of MOCHA is to ensure that the arts are a fundamental part of the lives of all children through hands-on art experiences, arts training and curriculum for educators, and advocacy for the arts.

"We can provide hundreds of art classes for hundreds of local kids, but before Yoots, we simply couldn’t afford to help get them here." -Roxanne Padgett, Executive Director, Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA)