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The Youth Transportation Organization’s goal is to offer the Yoots Community free-low cost solutions to your transportation needs so you can focus on what’s important- your programs. We handle as much as possible so you can handle as little as possible!

Tech Bus Charters

Yoots relationship with Genentech allows us to utilize their transportation fleets on weekends only for only $250/day. If you’re organization needs transportation for at least 15 people (up to 65) we can help!

Please follow these guidelines:

• Available for low-income and under-represented youth (up to 26 years old) only. (You MAY include their Families)
• Apply a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your trip
• Must be a minimum of 15 passengers (65 max)
• Saturday and Sundays ONLY
• SPAB drivers are not currently available

We are rapidly increasing our capacity, so please check back monthly for updates to our policies.

> To request a charter, click here. (Google Form)

Before filling out a request form, check availability on our calendar below:

Charter Logistics

Whether your organization schedules one trip with one shuttle per year, or dozens of trips with dozens of school busses each year, we can provide support to manage part of all of your logistics needs. Understanding your needs allows us to survey the market and offer recommendations that are best suited for your organization. Once you’ve chosen a date, pickup location, destination and number of passengers, Yoots can help

- Assist you to identify the best mode of transportation
- Create an RFP (request for proposal)
- Field quotes from multiple providers
- Consult with you about the right fit for your organization
- Order the transportation
- Manage the trip logistics until the day of the trip

Driver Training

Upon completion of our Yoots Drive training course, you will be able to access our low-priced van rental fleet. Yoots Drive is an essential training that will give you the confidence and skills to operate a passenger van filled with students. We offer this discounted training to any member of the Yoots community, regardless of whether you plan on renting our vehicles. Successful completion of training is a requirement prior to renting our vehicles.

9 passenger Ford Transit Vans training. This training is for improving driving skills only. There is no special DMV license associated with this course. However, successful completion of this course is required to rent our vehicles. (Requirement is waived if you hold a current CDL with Passenger endorsement).

Passenger Endorsement Training

If you plan to rent our 14 passenger vans, you will need to take this course that is completed by passing a driving test at the DMV. You can use our vehicle to take the test at the DMV. Drivers with this license are in great demand, so it doubles as a career building opportunity.

Both courses are available in San Rafael or we can arrange training for your organization in convenient locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Passenger Van Rentals

Our goal with our fleet program is to offer the Yoots Community the opportunity to have easy access to transportation without the costly overhead of ownership or retail rental. Upon completion of our driver training, you can rent these vans for your trips to Yosemite for the week, Point Reyes for the weekend or a museum for the day. Yoots’ 9 and 14 passenger Ford Transit vans are available for about half the cost through a rental agency.

How the Yoots Vehicle Rental Program works

1. Take Yoots Driver Training (links to Driver Training Page)
2. Complete Paperwork (links to form upload/download page)
3. Schedule Your Rental (links to scheduling page)

Driver Pool

We are developing a listing of background checked, properly licensed drivers available for hire by your organization. These drivers are not Yoots employees, but a listing of trained drivers who work with our partners and are interested in volunteering or getting extra work.

Grant Writing

We’ll help you research, identify and write grants specifically tailored to help fund your organizations transportation needs.