Sierra Club – ICO – Yoots
Sierra Club - Inspiring Connections Outdoors
Our Partnership Goals:

The San Francisco Bay Chapter of Inspiring Connections Outdoors (formerly Inner CIty Outings) is a group of people dedicated to getting urban youth into the outdoors. Our leaders organize a variety of outings, including hiking, car camping, snow camping and backpacking. We are active partners in the growing national movement to take urban kids out of the city and provide them with outdoor adventures. Our volunteers give their time because they know from their own experience that spending time in the natural world can be transformative.

Transportation is over 30% of their annual budget and the patchwork network of rides often means canceled trips.

Yoots goal: 30 rides for 20-30 kids to and from hikes, camping trips, etc.

We are a 100% volunteer organization with a current group of about 45 active members, aged 20 to 70. In addition to leading outings our staff does recruiting, fund raising, training, outreach, equipment maintenance and money management. We lead 25 to 30 trips per year.

What we do

ICO organizes and leads outdoor trips at little or no cost to the participants. Our backpacking leaders are trained and certified by the Sierra Club in outdoor recreation and wilderness first aid. We also provide volunteers, transportation and the equipment needed for safe outings. We measure our performance in youth-days (one youth, one day, outdoors) and average between 800 and 1000 youth-days per year.

Through this program ICO promotes interpersonal skills and self-esteem by involving participants in teamwork, teaching them self-reliance outside an urban setting, and introducing them to the beauty of the natural world. We create opportunities for personal development of participants from different cultures by fostering respect of self and others, and providing urban youth with outdoor skills training and leadership opportunities.