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Passanger Van Rentals

Community Passenger Van Rentals at $70/Day

The Yoots Community Van Rental program allows qualified organizations the opportunity to have easy access to transportation without the costly overhead of ownership or retail rental. Your organization can rent these vans for your trips around town, to Yosemite for the week, Point Reyes for the weekend or a museum for the day. In California, renting a van from the large agency is impossible. We are excited to not only make vans available, but at a very affordable price.

Our 15 passenger van is NOW available for rent! Please check the calendar on this page for availability.

Your organization must become a "Yoots Registered User" prior to renting our vehicles. Please click here to register.

If your business is interested in sponsoring a Yoots van, please click here to learn more, click here, or email us at